Simon-Kaloi Engineering (SKE), collaborated with Sally Corporation to produce state-of-the art dark rides for the amusement park industry.  The “Challenge of Tutankhamon” dark ride is one example.  Several SKE SLAM-2000s provided all of the audio, lighting control, and character animation for the rides (you will see them in the Central Control Room).  SKE also designed and manufactures exclusively for Sally Corporation, all of the electronic components for Sally’s proprietary laser gun and targeting system.  Click the video play button to see a video an example of one of these exciting interactive dark rides.

Simon-Kaloi Engineering Product Videos

Watch this informative video to learn more about the Mini-SAM, rPOD, & related products.

Real-Time Ethernet DSP Programming

rPOD and Mini-SAM DSP Functions can be programmed in real-time

using the versatile Analog Device Sigma Studio Tool

Parametric equalization, filter functions, compression, and so many other DSP functions are now available in the latest versions of rPOD and Mini-SAM OS.  DSP functions can implemented in real-time via a PC, Sigma Studio and an Ethernet connection to the rPOD or Mini-SAM. Register and download the latest version of Sigma Studio at the Analog Devices Website (see link in the Software and Support Section), and the TCIP.dll.  DSP files are saved onto the compact flash cards used on the rPOD and Mini-SAM and can also be stored on a PC or storage device.

Simon-Kaloi Engineering (SKE), collaborated with Lockheed Martin at a Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (IITSEC), to create this demonstration of a live-fire military training exercise.  SKE equipment played back 8 channels of digital audio that included character, background, and situational moving audio, along with synchronous animation, lighting, and effects control.  The character could speak both in English and Arabic and several different live-fire training situations were presented to the  the trainee.  This video demonstrates only a small portion of the possibly training situations that can be created.

Simon-Kaloi Engineering Product Videos

Watch this informative video to learn more synchronizing SKE Products together.

Universal Orlando Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Wins 2020 TEA Award for Outstanding Achievement

Featuring the Simon-Kaloi Mini-SAM IIE for on-board audio, the Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Ride wins an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA).  To learn more, check out these links:


Simon-Kaloi Engineering is awarded the 2005 Rockwell (now Teledyne) Scientific Technology Partner of the Year Award.

Simon-Kaloi Engineerings Mini-SAM II is awarded the 2002 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Technology Honorable Mention Award.

Simon-Kaloi Engineering’s effort on the AFOSS Vehicle Health Management Experiment (left picture) flew on the Space Shuttle and received an award from NASA that included a patch that flew into space on the Shuttle (right picture).

Simon Systems CB-4 Makes It To The Top Six on American Idol!

The Simon Systems CB-4 (manufactured and sold by Simon-Kaloi Engineering) has demonstrated a lasting presence in recording studios.  It is THE Headphone Distribution Cue Box of choice by many engineers, producers, artists, and industry professionals.  When the American Idol Season Nine contestants went into the recording studio to try their hand at voice overs for the “Shrek Forever After” movie, they used headphones plugged into CB-4 Headphone Cue Boxes as seen in the pictures below.

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