SKE Software is provided at no additional charge with the purchase of SKE products.  Software updates for SKE customers are also provided on this page at no charge.  You can also find manuals, technical support documents, and tutorials on this page.  Due to the ever changing nature of products, software, features, and functionality, not all items on this page may be the most current or applicable for your needs.  Contact SKE directly for further assistance.

rPOD-8.4 Documentation

Other Owner/Users Manuals/Files

Notepad ++ can be as a script editor & can highlight SKE commands, reserved keywords, and syntax.  Link to Notepad ++ is provided below along with exemplary xml file.

Sigma Studio is a graphical PC-based tool from Analog Devices that can program Real-Time Ethernet DSP Programming of rPODs and Mini-SAMs.  Register at Sigma Studio on the Analog Devices website for a free download

After downloading Sigma Studio, unzip and install these files into the Sigma Studio Folder

rPOD-8.4 Rev 1.2 (latest version) Hardware Reference Manual

Detailed Description of Scripting Language & Command Set for rPOD and Mini-SAM

rPOD-8.4 Rev 1.2 (latest version) Processor 1 Operating System (Firmware)

rPOD-8.4 Rev 1.2 (latest version) Processor 2 Operating System (Firmware)

rPOD-8.4 Rev 1.0A (legacy version) Processor 1 Operating System (Firmware)

rPOD-8.4 Rev 1.0A (legacy version) Processor 1 Operating System (Firmware)

rPOD-8.4 Connector Interfaces Summarized

rPOD-8.4 Tutorial

rPOD-8.4 Operating System (OS) Firmware**

MS-2E Documentation

MS-2E Rev 1.2 (latest version) Hardware Reference Manual

MS-2E Operating System (OS) Firmware**

MS-2E Rev 1.2 (latest version) Operating System (Firmware)

Other Technical Documents, Example Files, & Third Party Recommended Programs

SKE PC Based Programs for rPOD and MS-2E

Terminal Program for RS-232 Serial Communication with rPOD and MS-2E

(recommended third party H/W Tripp•Lite USA19HS USB to hi-speed Serial Converter

Ethernet-Based Real-Time Programmer (useful for programming DMX lighting & animatronic control)

How to use Sigma Studio with SKE rPOD and MS-2E

Sigma Studio example files

Example Sequence file

Sigma Studio example file

Blank file for ClipMet

Example Clips for ClipMet.exe

DMX-16DO Rev 3.0 Manual

Simon Systems CB-4 Headphone Cue Box Manual

Simon Systems DB-1A Single-Channel Active Direct Box Manual

Simon Systems RDB-400 Four-Channel Active Direct Box Manual

Allows for grouping of commonly used commands in scripting language

When using VenueMagic, install this file into the Program Folder

Operating System Update Notes

rPOD-8.4 and MS-2E Common Documentation

More information and instructional videos can be found on our YouTube Channel